Dear Link Supporters,

Link Community Charter School, Head of School, Maria Paradiso This year marks our 45th year. Beginning as Project Link, a far reaching project of the Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell, New Jersey; developing into Link Community School, an independent middle school; and now serving as a public charter school, Link has been and continues to be uniquely positioned to change the lives of urban youth.  Armed with a wonderful building, a strong history in Newark, and an outstanding record of student and school success, Link is delivering on a promise to provide access to quality education to Newark youth. This year, Link has welcomed its inaugural fifth grade – the Class of 2018 – beginning an expansion to ensure that more students have the advantage of a rigorous education and an great chance for success.

Our primary mission is simple—deliver a powerful learning community built on a foundation of core values and academic success that best prepares our students for high school and beyond, but it demands our very best. We each have an important part to play in our mission. The faculty, students and parents each share a responsibility to nurture student success. The Link Education Partners board and school leadership maintain our institutional strength and plan for the future. Donors and partners fuel our work with their time, talent and treasure. Together, the community is what makes Link and its students successful.

This year, we will call upon you—supporters (new and old), school families, students and staff to support not just the present Link but also the future Link, both driven by a powerful and living mission to provide Newark students what is currently escaping them—the chance to succeed in school. The Sisters of St. Dominic laid the foundation for us and we must now do the same for the next generations of Linkers.

If you are a current supporter, I thank you for contributing to our legacy and am excited to chart a course for our future with you. If you are new to Link, I invite you to visit and to get to know our school; it is a very special community.

Now more than ever, Newark youth need Link and Link needs you to deliver its mission.

Maria Paradiso, Head of School
Maria Pilar Paradiso
Head of School


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