The work at Link centers on a continuous and determined effort to provide students with the highest quality college-preparatory middle school education available in the country.

View our short film, A Matter of Justice, to learn more about the history of Link and its impact on the youth of Newark.

These are the factors that differentiate Link’s learning community from others:

  • Link has a innovative, student-centered curriculum based on differentiated instruction and a strong emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills.
  • Link recognizes technology as a powerful learning tool. Teachers utilize SmartBoards and web resources to create an interactive learning environment that appeals to multiple intelligences.
  • Link believes that learning extends beyond the traditional classroom and provides a comprehensive extra curricular program that broaden students’ knowledge and perspectives.
  • Link’s curriculum is increasingly centered on Link’s Core Performance Standards (CPS) in the areas of reading,communication, math, critical thinking, and values.
  • Link’s program is designed to serve students with a broad range of academic abilities. The school is committed to providing enrichment and support services for student success.
  • Link’s learning community is rooted in six core values (caring, respect, responsibility, honesty, following directions, and doing one’s best) and a commitment to excellence from all members of the school community through caring, accountable relationships.

Individualized Attention

A student-to-teacher ratio of 9 to 1, a class size limit of 16 students, a commitment to tutoring students who need extra help on a daily basis, and an advisory program allow for highly individualized attention that benefits our students greatly.

An Overview of Our Programs

Link offers a challenging program, which includes a Core Curriculum in mathematics, science, history, English and Spanish. Because Link strives to educate the whole child, provide meaningful exposure to the arts, and develop the necessary technological skills, Link also offers a challenging and exciting Co-Curricular Program in music, computer, fine art, physical education, and high school preparation, as well as exciting Student Life activities.


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