Private investment in Link Community Charter School is crucial to the school’s existence for the following reasons:

To fulfill the mission of Link Community Charter School – a mission which demands more resources than public funding provides!

Link Community Charter School is not your average public school! With its unique music1, 640mission, the school seeks to provide the very best for all its students, not only ensuring a challenging and engaging core curriculum, but also an environment, experiences and exposures that go beyond what traditional public schools offer. To maintain an excellent education that prepares students for success in life, Link aims to:

  • —Maintain small class sizes, with 18 students in each class
  • —Continue its Summer Academy, which acclimates new students to the school‘s culture and traditions, as well as provides staff time for assessment of students’ needs before the full academic year starts
  • —Provide an athletics program to develop physical prowess, team spirit and sportsmanship
  • —Expose students to a wide variety of interesting elective classes that inspire and build on their knowledge and skills
  • —Encourage creativity and self-expression through an arts program – fine art, music and performing arts
  • —Deliver outdoor adventure education that will introduce students to nature as well as to inspire confidence, positive risk-taking, team-work and leadership
  • —Ensure adequate technology for students to build the skills needed in the 21st century, to address diversity in learning styles, and to have the tools required for student assessment

To close the gap between the public funding allocated to Link, a public charter school, and the funding received by public district schools!

Charters such as Link, receive on average 35% less than their district school counterparts,Hogan with students, 640as shown by the following figures for 2014-2015:

$23,160: Newark Public Schools per pupil funding
$15,139: Link per pupil funding received
$8,021: Per pupil funding gap

With a gap of $8,021, and as a public charter school, Link:

  • —Has fewer dollars available, but must carry out the same state and local responsibilities for testing, special education, nursing services, professional development, facilities, safety, academic standards, and testing as the district schools have
  • —Has even fewer dollars available for administrative costs due to the state required 60/40 split for instruction and school administration, and cannot spread administrative costs across multiple schools like school districts can
  • —Cannot use public funds to support facility costs, including purchase of the building and  renovation/remodeling of classrooms, recreation space, and other school facilities

 To close the gap between public funding received and the program provided at Link!

Here is the comparison for 2014-2015:Girl in tree, 640

$21,633: Average per student cost of an Link education
$15,139: Average per student public funds received by Link
$6,500: Average gap per student

In 2015-2016 Link will be expected to maintain the same programming with even less funding per student! The State of New Jersey has announced that education funding will remain at its current level for next year. But in Newark, school enrollment is rising, so the per pupil allocation will be smaller.



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